music videos

PPHQ (ft. Dubb Nubb)
2 LONG (B.I.S.R.)
Generic Show Promotion Song

live sessions

Trundle Session - Diet Pop Records - Tucson, AZ (January 2016)
Live @ KJHK Session - Lawrence, KS (January 2016)
Small Step Session - St. Louis, MO (October 2015)
KCOU Out Here Session - Columbia, MO (March 2015)

live videos (quality not guaranteed!)

"Eddie Basinski" - Live at PPHQ (St. Louis, MO - July 2015)
"Ska Dog!" - Live at PPHQ (St. Louis, MO - July 2015)
"Netflix Took Down King of the Hill" - Live at The OBEC (Springfield, MO - March 2014)
"Billy Was a Punk" - Live at Groovy Grrls (Columbia, MO - Nov 2013)
"Ghost Dog!" - Live at Lee Street Deli (Columbia, MO - Oct 2013)
"Sweatshirts" - Live at The Blue Fugue (Columbia, MO - Oct 2013)
"Mad Scientist" - Live at The House Cafe (DeKalb, IL - Aug 2013)

some quotes about paper ceilings taken entirely out of context

"Originally impressing in late 2012 into 2013 with his Jonathan Richman-meets-Violent Femmes-meets-Dub Narcotic Sound System 'acoustic folk punk/pop/whatever' - I wrote back then of Paper Ceilings' music that it was 'some of the most exciting music put out by a local act in quite some time.'" - Columbia Tribune

"Jesse [Ceilings] is a folk hero. But not in the expected sense." - Vox Magazine

"The solo folk/pop/punk act Paper Ceilings, aka Jesse [Ceilings], is one of the DIY-of-the-moment bands. Checking out Paper Ceilings on social media reveals venue names such as Pasta Mermaid, Groovy Grrls and The Dome - but [Ceilings] declines an invitation to talk about them." - Inside Columbia Magazine

"He's a singer with something to say, and there really haven't been enough of those lately. His vocals are very coherent and you can make out all the words he sings. His voice quavers and sounds a little wussy sometimes, but that's okay. We all feel like wusses sometimes unless we're assholes." - Eric Funn

"The self-titled album isn't a laugh out loud rollick through comedy heaven, nor is it an introspective study of the American teenager." - CultureTease

"Dropping other band references is a minor pet peeve of mine and Paper Ceilings does it eight or so times in the first seven tracks. The back cover drawing of a single bed with Faith/Negative Approach posters and a GBH LP on the floor is great, but a bit misleading." - Razorcake

"With his unique style of songs, he charmed the audience and made everyone smile by playing songs from his album, So Many Dogs!,' which is about dogs. One song played was entitled 'Dogs in Space!,' which is a song that asks the question, 'What if dogs had their own planet?' This had many laughing and chuckling and was one of the favorites of the entire show." - Iowa State Daily

"Paper Ceilings is a folk-punk artist from Columbia, Missouri who is known for his catchy melodies and hilarious lyrics. Well, now he's back with his newest album recorded entirely in his parents' closet. I highly recommend giving this album a spin, you won't be disappointed." - KJHK